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Mettlieder Home Brew Fertilizer

Making your own nutrient solution is cost effective and not that difficult.  Buy the “heavy stuff” locally and the trickstuff online. Background Plants need 16 nutrient to thrive Oxygen, hydrogen & carbon which come for the air NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium)  are easy … Continue reading

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Fetilizer or Nutrient Solution PPM

Understanding fertilizer in the water is tricky stuff, but essential when dealing with hydroponics. Fertilizer in in soil and bag are quoted and managed as percent by weight.   Fertilizers in water is managed by part per million (“ppm”) and because water … Continue reading

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Comfrey: Compost & Other Uses – Growing & Using

Comfrey is a plant (weed) that contains high levels of the basic NPK nutrients, drawn up from the deep by its extensive root system.  Hence, it is useful on a WallyFarm as both animal feed and as plant feed (after composting).  … Continue reading

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